Welcome to My Workshop



I've been creating custom designs in fine wood, stone and glass for more than 30 years.  I specialize in fine sandblasting, which allows me to etch intricate designs on glass, stone and wood.


I have been authorized to create a line of rare sandstone artifacts officially licensed by Stanford University, and can create similar products for your institution.


These pieces have been presented to major world figures as recognition of service, mementoes of time spent at a university, institution or business, awards for sports events and special gifts for valued clients. My shop is set up to create one-of-a-lind pieces for personal use, as well as produce multiples of single items for companies or institutions.


We also offer other services, including: 

Specialty Sandblasting to the Industry


"Custom Cornerstones" for Masonry   

No job is too small or too big -- contact me to explore what we can create together!